The whims of a spoilt king can cause nations to crumble…

… but the arrogance of the ancients could split the world in half. Some seek decadent comfort in the pain and suffering while others pound the drums of war to fight the oppression. Where will your adventures take you? Relics is tabletop wargame set on the unique world of Relicia. Supported by a range of models in the 30mm scale (where a models of a 6 foot tall person would be 30mm tall from the base of the models foot to the models eye). Each of the races of Relicia has a highly distinctive feel; both in terms of look and play.

Relicia is as much world of pain and suffering as it is a world of wonder.

Of the countless worlds I have explored on my eternal quest for knowledge, none have been more fascinating than the strange lands of Relicia.

Relicia is a world on the brink of destruction, a damned forsaken planet where the cruel and the wicked prosper, where the puppet soldiers of a mad king march endlessly to war, where the clockwork suited monks of an enslaved people seek to avenge those who betrayed them so long ago while creatures descended from noble origins rot and fade into obscurity and nothingness.

I am the Chronicler Dammeus, this world as I see it is not my own.

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